Friday, 17 May 2013

Mir & Unity8 UI weekly May 17, 2013

Hi all,
hope all finds you well.
Please find the Mir/Unity8 UI team weeklies

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report
May 17, 2013

Current Team Theme

Acheived this week

  • Unity8 on Mir
    • not landed, but in developement, achieved Unity8 running in process on Mir
  • Mir
    • landed in process android (internal clients)
      • removed the use of surface for internal clients, go straight to egldisplay
      • also in process for input as well
    • added some egl config logging & lttng hooks for reporting
    • concluded mir stress test discussions in vUDS, going to focus on multi client stress as a pilot
    • fixed bug 1170643, proper release of resources on shutdown
    • only cursory study on composition bypass
    • review cycles on surface stack & surface move MPs
  • Unity8 UI
    • Landed bootstrap code for notifications in phablet, added some negative testing
    • Landed edge hints for launcher at the lock screen, started folding icon work on launcher
    • landed user story of accessing indicators from lock screen on phablet
    • added some tests for system components like slider menu, progress bar, button menu etc
    • dash bar & panel ui work done, but blocked on some sdk bugs
    • Continued investigation into Qt bug effecting memory use, analyzed potential rewrite of listviewwithpageheader as a potential to solve; preference is to solve the bug in Qt
    • created a way to send touch events from qml test code, part of our effort to have shell/app event filter mechanism for edge touches
    • Some additional development/ui tweaks to infographic/greeter
    • had some engineering/design discussion over indicator prototypes 
    • some additional work on splitting out the greeter into a separate bin

Shooting for next week

  • Mir
    • continue work supporting Unity8-mir, clean up toward landing
    • continue study, start effort on composition bypass
    • continue surface stack order & surface moving
    • continue work on getting multi client stress tests in place for Mir
  • Unity8 UI 
    • Iand Infographics (may iterate with design, but land what we have)
    • Continue shell-mir integration work
    • Work on design sign off for notifications (or iterate)
    • Continue discussion w/ design on indicator, & effort on date/time picker widgets
    • Work with design on launcher folding icons
    • Land phablet greeter in lightdm flow (includes no-password or one-password login, user backgrounds, and demo infographics) 
    • continue event filter effort shell/app; land edgedraggesture for launcher
    • continue investigation into mem use associated with listviewwithpageheader (LVWPH as you might see it in the bp's)
    • visit with design on hint for indicators on lock screen (may remove single tap)
    • again waiting for some straggling MP's to close out, but expect to close testing bp

Risks and Issues

  • ongoing changes from usability testing/design iterations, need to lock down by june