Monday, 13 May 2013

RE: App installer design: click packages

UDS is tomorrow so there will be some good discussions about this.

However, I fear things will be rather inconclusive as there's no clear picture yet.

So this should have an entry in the Wiki with a list of present and future features that are not only necessary, but could give Ubuntu more advantages compared to other OSs (and not just catch up, but lead).

Also a comparison of systems (both the proprietary and the ones available for linux) will also be needed to easier visualize and make things a bit more transparent.

There should be a list of advantages and disadvantages of each one as well as possible issues.

for example here's one from 0install:

However is fairly simple and doesn't have all options listed like:

 Linstaller, Nix or even glick2.

If one offers enough pros or some killer features for the future that gives the OS an advantage than would be worth having it available.