Friday, 17 May 2013

Re: Call for testing: new udev -- switch to vendor/name/slot based net interface names?

Stéphane Graber [2013-05-14 15:44 -0400]:
> So I'd much prefer we stick to something that's been working rather well
> for all these years and let other people do the experiments with that stuff.

Fair enough. I forward-ported the old rules generators to the current
202 package. I tested it in a VM and my workstation, with wifi and
eth, with and without pre-existing rules. I updated my PPA package,
202-0ubuntu5pitti6 now.

I heard positive feedback from 5 people, and no regression reports so
far, so I'll upload this to saucy next Tuesday (I want to avoid a
Friday upload). I'd still appreciate if someone with an existing LVM
or/and cryptsetup could double-check this.



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