Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Re: Should we sunset brainstorm.ubuntu.com?

I'm in agreement with Alexandru - Launchpad is certainly not an effective place for new ( or even longtime ) users to submit ideas and wishlist bugs.  The interface can be pretty intimidating and whatnot.  However, having the data ON launchpad is the best place for it - developers can actually triage and track progress, and users can be easily pulled into testing features via a PPA.

Wouldn't it make sense to build a quick application using the Launchpad API that effectively used wishlist bugs as it's persistent storage?  Seems fairly straightforward:
- Creating an idea creates a wishlist bug.
- Upvotes = "This bug affects me"
- Comments would obviously translate to comments...

Looking through the Launchpad API ( https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html ) it seems like it would be possible.  The obvious benefit being that the traffic for each feeds the other - creating a nice feedback loop without developers or users having to go anywhere they're not used to.


On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 1:52 AM, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt@canonical.com> wrote:
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Jorge O. Castro wrote on 13/05/13 21:50:
> ...
> b) User interest (as indicated by the voting) is waning.
> c) It seems that developer interest is waning to a point that some
> developers feel that responding to the ideas isn't an ideal use of
> time.
> ...

Those two are related. Ideas are cheap, implementation is hard. And
some potential contributors will have been discouraged from helping
with Ubuntu's implementation because they mistakenly thought posting
ideas to Brainstorm was a good place to get started.

So yes, please, let's retire it.

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