Friday, 17 May 2013

Re: Ubuntu Touch: Poppler or MuPDF as PDF renderer

On Fr, 2013-05-17 at 13:25 +0200, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Hi,
> during my thoughts about the printing stack for Ubuntu Touch [1] I came
> to the conclusion that printing needs a PDF renderer to turn incoming
> PDF into the printer's language (PWG Raster, PostScript, PCL, ...) but a
> PDF renderer needs already to be on a mobile device to make it able to
> display PDF files on the screen.
> The Ubuntu desktop uses Poppler for screen display and Ghostscript for
> printing. On a mobile device this is overkill. We need only one PDF
> renderer and also no PostScript interpreter as for printing we expect
> all apps to send PDF.

given that we want full convergence, which means using the same default
core tools on the phone as well as on the desktop, is MuPDF ready to
replace Poppler on the desktop ?