Thursday, 30 May 2013

Re: Ubuntu Touch: Poppler or MuPDF as PDF renderer

Is it reliable, fast, resource-saving?

Does it display all files, also large and complex ones?

Does it allow different output formats (screen, PNG, PostScript, CUPS
Raster, PCL, ...)?

Does it allow filling and saving forms?

Probably it is a good idea for the future, but above features need to
get implemented first (especially output formats). There also needs to
get added support for it in the cups-filters package.


On 05/30/2013 08:34 AM, Jan Henke wrote:
> Hi,
> would a JavaScript implementation help? pdf.js from Mozilla is available
> under the Apache v2 licence at github:
> Best Regards
> Jan Henke
> Am 29.05.2013 23:26, schrieb Till Kamppeter:
>> On 05/21/2013 12:32 AM, Alexander Antimonov wrote:
>>> As both Poppler and MuPDF are strong copylefted, question is if
>>> either of two may be turned into "standard API" for pdf rendering?
>>> Because doing so would require third-party apps be GPL compatible.
>> Seems that someone needs to start writing a new PDF renderer from
>> scratch then. All Open Source PDF renderers seem to be strict GPL.
>> Till

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