Friday, 24 May 2013

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report May 24, 2013

Hi all,
hope all finds you well. 
Please find the Mir/Unity8 UI team weeklies

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report
May 24, 2013

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Acheived this week

  • Unity8 on Mir
    • broke out window management functionality into a seperate layer from the Unity8 shell, to become a seperate project
    • still not landed due to coordination with some platform-api changes being landed
  • Mir
    • Began mulit client stress testing
      • discovered a couple of race condition bugs with this, delivered fixes to continue 
    • delivered some composition refactoring to lay ground work for composition bypass
    • iterated on stack depth for tracking z order and for shell to manage focus
  • Unity8 UI
    • landed qt based mock lightdm that can be used for test as well as demo
    • Met with design to review current launcher & folding icon proto
    • Continued investiation into Qt bug effecting memory use of listviewwithpageheader, working towards upstreamable solution
    • Landed directional drag area for launcher (to better handle edge swipe)
    • Few more tweaks to infographic/greeter staged to land
    • reviewed with design on analog calendar design to use for indicator & delivered draft API doc per SDK team process
    • some additional work in dev branch for snap decision notifications
    • MP'd changes for i18n

Shooting for next week

  • Mir
    • continue work supporting Unity8-mir window management, clean up toward landing
      • dependency on platform-api changes to land first
    • continue effort on composition bypass
      • first get bypass working, then focus on dynamic, then logic of turning off/on
    • address stack depth focus support once Unity8-mir wm lands
    • continue multiclient stress test towards CI, possibly start on low mem tests
    • focus on simplifying install of mir as system compositor for free gfx driver based dektops
  • Unity8 UI 
    • create some shaders for blurring lock screen of app underneath
    • Continue shell-mir integration work
    • Continue discussion w/ design on indicators
    • followup on launcher, implement design feedback
    • Land phablet greeter in lightdm flow (includes no-password or one-password login, user backgrounds, and demo infographics) 
    • work on directional drag area use by stage & panel/indicator
    • continue investigation into mem use associated with listviewwithpageheader (LVWPH as you might see it in the bp's)
    • greeter on mir integration (if we can land mir)

Risks and Issues

  • ongoing changes from usability testing/design iterations, really need to lock down by june