Friday, 31 May 2013

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report May 31, 2013

Hi all,
hope all finds you well. 
Please find the Mir/Unity8 UI team weeklies

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report
May 31, 2013

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Acheived this week

  • Unity8 on Mir
    • stalled a bit waiting for platform-api changes to land, but that's happened now
    • began first integration of unity wm onto mir surface order control
  • Mir
    • fixed a handful of bugs out of the Mir stress testing
    • add some modifications to allow for better performance debug (no-wait spinning buffer for client render & swapinterval 0)
    • added more groundwork preparation to support composition bypass (composition strategy refactor & customisable fb factory)
  • Unity8 UI
    • folding icons in launcher landed
    • finally,after some bug fix attempts, decided to just reimplement listviewwithpageheader, work under way
    • tweaked DDA integration with Launcher...might still need some tuning/user feedback
    • added greeter feature to self detect single or multi user mode (form factor driven)
    • additional meeting with design on infographics
    • dove in on utilizing analog calendar from calendar app for sdk/indicator use
    • debug ongoing around snap decision notifications testing...failing on jenkins but passing local
    • Fixed some last minute bugs for Ubuntu Touch release
    • iterarted on i18n/internationalization MP
    • cleaned up & closed out intro testing bp

Shooting for next week

  • Mir
    • continue work supporting Unity8-mir window management, clean up toward landing
      • might not be able to push into build until we have surface previews in mir (for app animation transitions)
      • iterate on depthify stack (z order & focus control), unity wm needs to try to use it
    • continue effort on composition bypass
      • again, the first will be to get static bypass working, then focus on dynamic, then logic of turning off/on
    • continue multiclient stress test towards CI, then look at low mem
    • work on simplifying install of mir as system compositor for free gfx driver based desktops
  • Unity8 UI
    • look at how to semi-live blur lock screen of app underneath
    • Continue shell-mir integration work (use the surface order/focus controls)
    • Continue discussion w/ design on indicators
    • migrate indicators to new latest backend
    • launcher pinning apps
    • work on directional drag area use by stage & panel/indicator
    • continue reimplementation of listviewwithpageheader
    • greeter on mir integration (if we can land mir)

Risks and Issues

really need to lock down designs by june - dash filtes, dash embedded playback (incl transitions), indicators (& relation to settings)