Tuesday, 11 June 2013

CUPS 1.7.x ready for testing!


I have packaged CUPS 1.7b1, a first beta version of the 1.7.x series of
CUPS and uploaded it to my PPA [1] for both Raring and Saucy, both based
on the current Debian 1.6.2-8 package of CUPS (source packages of Raring
and Saucy version are identical).

There are only a few new features, mainly API enhancements [2]:

- Improved support for paid, PIN, and release printing
- Expanded support for IPP Everywhere
- Automatic support for data compression
- Improved CUPS APIs

Note that most of the upstream web site is down currently, so I do not
have much more info about the new release.

Please try it out and report your experiences here.



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