Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Patch pilot report 12.06.2013


Here is the result of my shift:

In addition to all the reviews I'm making for the new packages entering
ubuntu, I still devoted some time for patch piloting other packages than
just for full saucy :)

The most interesting part is the new finally sponsored unity stack in
precise. ;)
-> sponsored
-> the fix was in fact for precise, not raring (and already in saucy).
So fix up the tasks and nominations and then sponsored.
-> Set as WIP, needs reconciliating with latest version in saucy.
-> sponsored (after renaming ubuntu2~test1 to ubuntu1 and rejecting the
old one from the unapproved queue)
-> merged, didn't need an update of the seed just for that description,
so upload can wait
-> sponsored
-> repinged upstream for a review on this.
-> regressions detected in proposed (adam removed it from there).
Unsuscibred the sponsoring team until this is fixed
-> sent that straight back to a French pidgin user for reviewing :)
-> not really an ideal fix (especially for a SRU), unsuscribing sponsors
for now. Discussions ongoing.
-> unsuscribing sponsors, need a merge changelog with full diff between
debian and ubuntu, explain what's needed to be done.
-> synced
-> synced
-> removed a deprecated breaks on udev (no more supported upgrade path
will use that), and sponsored.
-> looking good and build fine. Merged and uploaded.
-> sponsored
-> sponsored
-> renamed version to -0ubuntu1.1 (-0ubuntu2 was in quantal) and sponsored
-> sponsored


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