Monday, 17 June 2013

Re: non-Unity flavours and Mir

On 18 June 2013 07:33, Scott Kitterman <> wrote:
 - What's the time line?  When , if we follow along with Ubuntu, would we
expect to run with XMir instead of X and when would we expect to integrate
with MIR natively?

Based solely on comments from this thread, as far as I understand, both Ubuntu and KDE will maintain the ability to work with X for the foreseeable timeframe, so this more of a question on which happens first - Ubuntu stopping support for X based desktop environments (unlikely to be very soon, given the popularity of XFCE and friends) or KWin dropping X support in favour of Wayland-only solution (also unlikely to be quite soon given how many distros are not shipping Wayland by default yet).

There might theoretically be new features that work on Mir (or Wayland), but not on X, but those are likely to be minor and more related to boot and/or user switching rather than actual work.

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