Thursday, 27 June 2013

Re: Ubuntu graphic stack roadmap update


On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 8:46 AM, Scott Kitterman <> wrote:
On Thursday, June 27, 2013 08:41:51 AM Oliver Ries wrote:
> Our Display Server Mir has gone from a proof of concept, sufficient to
> justify its announcement in March this year, to high quality, high
> performance component that we think will deliver the fastest, cleanest
> display experience for the Ubuntu platform. We are confident that all
> desktop environments and derivatives will work well throughout the
> transition, based on our ability to provide a full X compatibility layer.

I'm not sure where this confidence comes from.

you are mixing 2 different issues

a) the technical abilities of a DE to run on XMir in 13.10
b) the decision of a flavor to adopt to it

I am clearly talking about a) but not the decision that was taken by kubuntu.

To be clear, we are providing you a route to adopt Mir and commit to a 5y support window (on Ubuntu 14.04) without much ado. Whether or not this offer is taken cannot be influenced by me, other than by providing you a platform you want to be on. Apparently we aren't there yet, but my team and I are committed to keep having that dialog in the future.



As this is landed in the archive, please take care not to make it unduly
difficult for the rest of us.

Scott K