Friday, 28 June 2013

Re: Ubuntu graphic stack roadmap update

On Do, 2013-06-27 at 14:26 -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:

> As you know, display issues are very hardware specific. With the current amount of testing of Kubuntu on XMir (AFAIK one developer with one machine) I don't think we know anything about how well it will work for a general purpose flavor like Kubuntu.
so i read that sentence three times now (and i wonder if you did before
sending the mail) and i can by no means find any logic in it ... you are
claiming that the majority of bugs with Mir will be HW specific which
means that all flavours including Ubuntu will see them on a particular
HW ...

how does that affect you as a general purose desktop developer (do we
have any official flavours that aren't shipping general purpose
desktops ? (i know edubuntu and -studio are shipping special purpose app
selections, but the desktops they ship aren't single purpose to my
knowledge)) except that you can just throw these bugs over the fence to
the HW/Mir/kernel teams to get them solved (or even rely on the fact
that it will simply get fixed because other flavours see it too on that
HW without you having to take any action at all)

as someone working on the top level, why do you care about HW bugs at
all, just forward them to the experts to fix them (if collecting debug
data for them isn't asked to much), if composite is broken on specific
HW it will be for all of us ...