Friday, 28 June 2013

Re: Ubuntu graphic stack roadmap update

On Fr, 2013-06-28 at 15:33 +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Hi,
> am Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 11:29:08AM +0200 hast du folgendes geschrieben:
> > as someone working on the top level, why do you care about HW bugs at
> > all, just forward them to the experts to fix them (if collecting debug
> > data for them isn't asked to much), if composite is broken on specific
> > HW it will be for all of us ...
> if we don't share the graphics stack with other distributions anymore, we
> reduce the amount of people to make all bugs shallow. Currently it is
> likely that other distributions see the same ones, increasing exposure.
> I'm not so sure that we have the guys at hand to fix such bugs. I.e.,
> the experts you're talking of. In reality there are bugs like [1]
> that remain unsolved. If they only apply to X, there will be barely
> any motivation to fix them given Mir. If they only apply to (X)Mir,
> it's even more unlikely that somebody comes up with a solution.

that still doesn't make it a problem of the flavour maintainers though,
if it is a HW related bug in the display server it will affect all
flavours which will raise attention as well as severity of that bug. i
think it is simply wrong to assume that a switch to XMir will change
anything here ... before you forwarded the bug to the Xorg or compiz
people (which to my knowledge only Ubuntu installs by default btw), now
you will forward it to the XMir people.

i didn't say that your bugs will be resolved better or faster (as you
seem to imply) but a desktop maintainer wont have more work or have to
care more about this issue than he does today. if it is a HW related bug
the flavour simply doesn't matter and it should not be more of an issue
for you as a flavour maintainer than it is today, it will affect us all
(as this rxvt bug you pointed out will affect all rxvt users, no matter
what flavour they are on).