Thursday, 27 June 2013

Re: Ubuntu graphic stack roadmap update

Hi Jeremy,

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 9:25 AM, Jeremy Bicha <> wrote:
On 27 June 2013 10:41, Oliver Ries <> wrote:
> Using Mir as a X compatible system compositor in 14.04 which can host any
> Desktop Environment that is running on X today, will allow all dependent
> Ubuntu derivatives to run on top of this stack in 13.10 and 14.04 without
> any changes needed on their side [1]. Canonical is committed to support XMir
> for 5 years during the 14.04 lifecycle, which will give derivatives enough
> time to evaluate the graphics stack landscape and to make informed decisions
> when they are ready.

Thanks for the update. I have quite a few questions...

I was under the understanding that Ubuntu 13.10 would still use
regular X by default (like 13.04) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS would be using
Unity 8 but it sounds like that's not today's plan.

not with what was communicated with todays roadmap update. Unity 7 will be the default desktop until 14.04, we will then assess whether Unity 8 is ready to become the default.
Like Kubuntu we expect to switch to Wayland in the next year or so.
It's nice to see that the various desktop environment can run on XMir
but I'm still not clear on whether there are any benefits to doing so.

One obvious benefit that comes to mind is getting the stack for free and not having to worry about maintenance. I do acknowledge that there are other costs associated to that (adopting to Mir), but in our opinion, that should be less than maintaining a GFX stack on your own. Canonical will support the Mir stack going forward and we are offering help for upstreams willing to adopt.
How do you expect things to work for users who need proprietary
graphics drivers in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Do the existing NVIDIA and ATI
drivers work with XMir yet?

We are committed to not regress anybody in 14.04, the availability of binary drivers is one major component to that
Mir currently requires LightDM, right? Does XMir also require LightDM?
For Ubuntu GNOME's purposes, LightDM so far doesn't provide quite the
integrated experience GDM does (specifically lockscreen and GNOME
theming; and next year, Wayland support).

today, XMir is invoked by LightDM similar to other X session compositors, I don't see a problem doing the same out of GDM. But I leave it to my team to keep me honest here ;)
> Ubuntu will be the first Linux distribution to start replacing X as part of
> their default configuration. We appreciate your support and patience in that
> endeavor.

I think Rebecca Black OS has you beat there. Unless you don't think
Rebecca Black is mainstream enough...

I did some research and apparently missed that, no offense intended 
There's a chance that Fedora 20 would be released with Wayland by
default before 14.04 LTS

imho there is a difference between a chance of doing it and putting out a roadmap and committing to do it, but I might be nitpicking ;)