Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Status of 100 scopes and touch landing to saucy

Le 04/06/2013 18:51, Didier Roche a écrit :
Hey guys,
Hey again!

A lot of effort has been put to be able to land Unity 7 with 100 scopes and all the touch stacks into saucy. We'll try to have all those awaited and desired components landed as soon a possible to it. The excellent news is that we are on the finish line for it :)

Some updates on the port status as of today.
Of course, we had the traditional surprises with switching to saucy meaning new toolchain, new python version, and we had to fix a lot of components to make them buildable again across all components (some were missing includes now that gcc is stricter, some others were some new files shipped by python3.3, evolution changed and didn't have introspection anymore, so needed to remove the evolution scope…). Also we needed to ensure to have the latest sdk and got new tests failures on some stacks. All is now mainly fixed, after several relaunch and fix stack correctness.

We also had some manual upload made in the distro without backporting the changes to the Vcs. As daily release ensure and enforce that we don't overwrite potential fix to distro, we had to backport those as well.

Web credentials had a lot of tests failing once switched to saucy. Some fixes finally went it (waited on the upstream merger to do its work), this is now in and we are currently rebuilding those components + running the tests. As touch apps and Unity are now depending on it, this can introduce some delays.

Finally, got some unity surprises like segfaulting during running tests, change in the toolkit raising some warnings as errors and so on :) We had to go to the pragmatical path and merge everything manually (because of the queue of the upstream merger which would have delayed us by 3x3h). We could permit this as we did a local build test, and knowing that rebuild in the ppa was done next.

After all those dragons down and epic hunting, we are mostly done! As of now, what's remaining is:
- the media stack (this doesn't block the rest of landing) which have a bunch of components failing to build on saucy due to latest libhybris. Ricardo fixed those with Lukasz,
- ensuring the webcreds fixes are in and working
- fixing a gdrive scope drive FTBFS. This seems to be a deeper issue in the scope with python 3.3. Lukasz is currently looking at it, but we may need help from Michal, Pawel or Martin (but they will only be around tomorrow). This is the latest big blocker I'm afraid of.

I've frozen the current state on purpose to not daily release during the night (apart on stack still failing like webcredentials and media) so that we can push all that to ubuntu early tomorrow morning (European time) if those 3 blockers are fixed and dealing with the NEWing ack and MIRing for the targetted components.

Some new components are coming (telepathy-ofono, dee-qt, powerd, dbus-cpp, location-service), but they are not on the critical path for this landing. They will be handled before the end of week though.
This is still valid and "ignored" right now to focus on the big landing (tm) first. :)