Thursday, 6 June 2013

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Status of 100 scopes and touch landing to saucy

Le 05/06/2013 20:05, Didier Roche a écrit :
Le 04/06/2013 18:51, Didier Roche a écrit :
Hey guys,
Hey again!

Hopefully the latest report before telling "it's in saucy now".

Good progress, everything built, fighting a little bit of vala to get gdrive done (thanks Michal and Martin!). Removing indicator-network for now from the stack we'll ship as it was making unity-panel-service crashing, it wasn't going to be installed by default yet anyway. We finished the pre-NEW and pre-MIR reviews as well (for all the parts that will be pulled by the Unity with 100 scopes, meaning scopes + what is pulled by hud2). As hud is building on armhf with touch support, it's pulling libhybris, the platform api, sphinx and so other small bits like gtester2xunit, we prereview the MIR for them so that we can have a smooth upload (and got some surprises, thanks Colin and Lukasz for helping patching some components). Some finale MIRing is still in progress by Michael and Lukasz.

The upload itself will include a bunch of archive admins mechanic: basically approving all the components we already pre-reviewed, a lot of new package binaries as well and reviewing the new ones from touch that are not that urgent as not in main and installed by default (touch apps, media components…) + promotion to main for all components prereviewed for MIR. We expect that will take a couple of publisher cycle in -proposed to get the main promotion right in case we forgot anything (we shouldn't, but just triple checking).

We still have one blocker IMHO to have a usable Unity 7 with 100 scopes in saucy: Michal is working on it. Once we get the fix we'll rebuild and rerun the relevant tests.

For all those reasons, we think it's preferable to act on the upload tomorrow morning early (yeah a Friday upload… but a well tested Friday one! ;)).

Note that all trunks for daily releases are though still frozen to keep the current state as is. I'll release the lock as soon as we publish to distro.