Friday, 21 June 2013

Unity8 & Mir Weekly Report Jun 21, 2013

Hi all,

hope all finds you well. we've had quite a bit of goodness find its way into the touch builds.

Unity8 & Mir weekly report
Jun 21, 2013

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Acheived this week

    • Updated api's for window management needs for Unity8 (focus control, visibility etc)
    • created support for surface snapshot to be used by the shell for transition effects
    • added buffer swapper mech (e.g. go from double to triple, in/out of bypass etc)
    • fixed several bugs around xmir for bootup reliability & x acceleration
    • made components associate with gpu backends for mir pluggable
    • some progress made in creating a mir-on-mir stack (e.g. unity8 on mir on mir system compositor, hoping to feed the 13.10 preview of unity8)
    • made some progress on android composition bypass, a hack for feasability
      • working with binaries proving to be a little challenge for this feature
      • note, setting android compositino bypass on the back burner to focus on some multimonitor work & mir-on-mir
  • Unity8 UI
    • migrated, now in lp:unity/8.0 (as opposed to lp:unity/phablet)
    • Infographics on the device and looking awesome
    • Notifications has landed, and in the build
    • dash also now integrated with latest scopes backend
    • pin/passphrase lockscreen now added
    • integrated our edge touch "directional drag area" use by bottom bar
    • iterating on our development for indicator clients
    • iterating on listviewwithpageheader reimplementation

Shooting for next week

  • Mir
    • continue work supporting Unity8-mir window management, working towards a daily build
    • merge unity-system-compositor related lightdm changes back into trunk
    • create bzr mirror for mir related mesa & xorg patches
    • dive into multimonitor support for xmir
    • continue with mir-on-mir developement
  • Unity8 UI 
    • followup with some design team feeback tweaks on infographics, notification & launcher as needed
    • finish up indicator clients, start working with design on any ux changes
    • continue working on dash integration & ui improvements
    • land listviewwithpageheader rewrite
    • start greeter on mir integration
    • add in application management into the unity8-mir stack, so we can launch apps
    • integrate against surface snapshot for view transitions (e.g. animation of swiping from one app to the next)

Risks and Issues

  • just started finishing up indicators designs/ux, really need to get it nailed asap