Thursday, 25 July 2013

Re: Review of current autopkgtest failures, bucket into teams

Dmitry Shachnev [2013-07-25 17:29 +0400]:
> In case of pyparsing, the tests were added as Ubuntu delta, but then
> were dropped by syncing a new version from Debian.

Ah, thanks for pointing out. I asked Dave to put them back.

> Looks like Jenkins isn't handling such cases properly (I guess there
> are more common cases where it'll fail currently, like package
> renaming).

That's actually deliberate. This already the second case where our
tests were dropped by syncs, whereas it is very rare (and undesirable)
to deliberately remove tests from packages. Hence I'd rather let this
count as a failure and review it manually than silently removing

For source package renaming we'll just drop the job from jenkins,
that's no problem.


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