Friday, 26 July 2013

Re: Review of current autopkgtest failures, bucket into teams

Hello again,

Martin Pitt [2013-07-25 13:34 +0200]:
> saucy-adt-libgtkada (never worked)
> saucy-adt-postgresql-pgmp (never worked)
> saucy-adt-plv8 (never worked)
> saucy-adt-pyparsing (broken test metadata, never worked)

I fixed these this morning.

> saucy-adt-ubuntuone-client (supposed to work now, problem with "allow-stderr")
> saucy-adt-dirspec (never worked, dobey)

These are on my list as well, apparently the new "allow-stderr"
doesn't produce a summary.log which makes the tests fail.

> saucy-adt-gvfs (regression, pitti)

This is on my list as well, it's haunting me. It's working locally,
but in the DC I keep getting kmod crashes and other funky stuff.

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