Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tested X for Saucy on x-staging PPA with touch screen


some days ago you asked me for testing the touch screen behavior on my
Lenovo Thinkpad Twist again using Saucy with the newest X from the
x-staging PPA. Unfortunately, I was on vacation that day, so now I was
able to do the testing.

It seems to be stable, not getting stuck after some time as it happened

The issues are the following:

1. (Most important) In Firefox, drop-down lists on web pages do not work
when operating via touch screen but they work when using a mouse. In
Chrome the drop-downs work.

2. In "Universal Access" in the system settings one can emulate a right
click by a long left click. This would be a great feature for the touch
screen to make the right click easily available. Unfortunately, this
only works with a mouse and not with the touch screen. Could this be
fixed to also work with touch?

3. In the application XBMC (media player) touch operation does not work
at all. When touching the screen at an arbitrary place, the mouse
pointer jumps to the lower right corner. It is unclear whether this is
actually X's fault or XBMC's fault (also reported to XBMC as On the Nexus 7 with Raring and XBMC
11.x this works and XBMC's interface is great for touch.

(3) is not working with all X versions, both official and from the
x-staging PPA, (2) I only discovered today, and for (1) I do not know
whether it worked before.


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