Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Daily release are now running every 4h.

Hey guys,

Yeah, we need a better name with that cadence change. :)

So now, the daily release process is run way more often to speed up our delivery time to the baseline (every 4h). You will find more information at

The particular important piece for upstream can be summed up there:
* you now have a window of 4 hours before the "tick" to push stuff in different trunks in a coherence piece rather than only once a day, before 00 UTC.
* everytime there is an issue with one component/stack, a bug is opened, upstream is pinged about it and we write about those on We escalate after 3 days if nothing is fixed by then.

You can find the schedule of the 4h tick here: (look at the X cross for when a build starts)

I hope that will help to get faster and even more snappier and easy delivery!