Wednesday, 21 August 2013

mailing list for cross build issues created

Today the ML was created. The rationale for
having such a ML can be found in The description
for the ML currently is:

Discuss cross building of packages and infrastructure for cross-builds

The list discusses

* How to cross-build packages within Debian

* Infrastructure needed to cross-build packages. This may include
discussion about additional tags for cross-building, running
cross-build daemons, etc.

* How to use cross-builds to bootstrap Debian ports.

The issue for the creation of this ML explicitly includes topics which affect
Ubuntu and other derivatives. So it makes sense for Ubuntu and Linaro
developers to subscribe to this ML too. Please avoid cross posting to Ubuntu a
and Linaro lists, as people subscribed to debian-cross may not be allowed to
post to these lists.

Please subscribe to this list if you are interested in cross build issues.


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