Monday, 26 August 2013

Re: Call for Testing: Mir & multi-monitor

Dmitrijs Ledkovs [2013-08-26 23:11 +0100]:
> I got a crash report from unity-system-compositor, but I cannot report
> the bug about it because "This is not an official Ubuntu package". Can
> apport configuration please be correctly set in the packages from that
> repository to allow reporting bugs to launchpad?

If you want to do that the PPA package should ship an Apport hook
which changes the bug DB, to stop the "not an Ubuntu pkg" check.

If the MIR team actually wants PPA package reports against the Ubuntu
project, the hook can simply do

report['CrashDB'] = 'ubuntu'

If it wants reports go to some LP project only if the package comes
from a PPA, you can do something like

if not apport.packaging.is_distro_package('unity-system-compositor'):
report['CrashDB'] = '{"impl": "launchpad", "project": "lp-project-name"}'

See /usr/share/doc/apport/package-hooks.txt.gz for details.

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