Thursday, 22 August 2013

Re: [U-Boot] dtc: invalid option -- 'i'

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 07:11:39AM +0000, Sharma Bhupesh-B45370 wrote:

> Hi List,
> I am using a 64-bit ubuntu machine running a 12.04 LTS.
> I see that the DTC (Device Tree Compiler) version is 1.3.0
> $ dtc -v
> Version: DTC 1.3.0
> When I try to compile the latest u-boot 'master' branch (updated yesterday), I get the
> following error with dtc:
> dtc: invalid option -- 'i'
> followed by a Usage suggestion.
> I checked that a newer DTC version 1.4.0 is available from Linaro, but I can't find
> an updated version for ubuntu and apt-get returns me a message:
> device-tree-compiler is already the newest version
> Any pointers to what I could be doing wrong here?

What target are you building for as it should have run the 'checkdtc'
rule and told you that you need to install DTC 1.4.0. And yes for
Ubuntu you'll need to build your own.