Monday, 19 August 2013

Re: vUDS Scheduling

Le 19/08/2013 18:21, Jono Bacon a écrit :
> Seb: I am not sure why we need to keep having the same conversion
> again;-) Just look at - the details are there, and the
> schedule times are at Same times, same format, on
> the dates highlighted on

Hey Jono,

Do you suggest that I should daily open during the year
just to get the next vUDS dates the day they show up there? That's a bit
ridiculous, what's wrong with announcing (v)UDS in advance on our
mailing lists?

We are not having "the same conversation again" as far as I can say, is
there any discussion/argument there (when/where did we discuss it
before) ? I just wish somebody would announce UDS on our mailing lists,
those might be last century but for some of us it's still the standard
communication medium to discuss Ubuntu work

Sebastien Bacher

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