Sunday, 18 August 2013

vUDS Scheduling

Hi All,

It is UDS session scheduling time!

By now we should hopefully have all or most Blueprints registered and
targeted to the uds-1308 sprint in Launchpad[1]. Please take a moment
to go through that list and review any Blueprints for your track. If
a Blueprints does not have a green check next to the Sprint in
Launchpad indicating that you have accepted it, it will not be
imported into Summit.

Also please make sure that the Blueprint names follow the
<track>-1308-<name> or <track>-s-<name> naming convention, so they
will be auto-assigned to the correct track in Summit.

The importer is already running, and Blueprints that follow the above
have already been imported into Summit and are waiting to be
scheduled. To help our developers and community plan their
availability for next week, it is important that those get scheduled
as soon as possible.

There is a wiki page[2] explaining the process of manually scheduling
your sessions. Please keep them in the rooms specific to your track.
If you are running out of space, and there aren't any sessions that
would be better suited to a non-UDS G+ Hangout, please let a member of
my team know (Michael Hall, Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro, David
Planella, Nicholas Skaggs) and we can open another room.

Again I would like to stress the importance of getting our vUDS
schedule made and settled as soon as possible. Our biggest complaint
last vUDS was the lack of time attendees had to plan their
availability around the sessions they wanted to participate in. So
please spend some time today and tomorrow accepting Blueprints and
getting them scheduled. You attention now will improve community
participation and good will. And as always, you can ping a member of
my team or Chris Johnston if you have any questions about the process.

Thank you.



Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager /

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