Friday, 13 September 2013

adb on Ubuntu Touch

Given the time frame we are looking at keeping adb by default in the touch images.

Regardless of going with adb or ssh we need a couple of things to happen:
- disable it by default.
- system settings toggle to enable disable it (e.g.; developer mode as on Android)
- a way to enable it when flashing a fresh read only image (e.g.; through the ubuntu_comands). This is more for an automated testing scenario. We can discuss this further, but it won't be the default behaviour.

By going with adb we need to:
- ensure adb shell shells into the phablet user.

Going with ssh implies:
- Implementing multiplexing (aka device selection).
- Enabling ssh over usb with a well known address (e.g.; what 'adb devices' brings back).
- Changing the QA infrastructure to support this.

For 13.10 we have decided to stick to adb.