Thursday, 12 September 2013

Re: Removing reiserfs support from the installer

On 12 September 2013 16:37, Colin Watson <> wrote:
> Debian has removed reiserfs support from its kernel packages and its
> installer ( I don't really want to keep
> maintaining it without Debian; for instance it would mean adding support
> for as an Ubuntu-specific patch once we
> have the underpinnings done. Does anyone feel desperately that we have
> to keep this or shall I just go ahead and drop it?

I've informally raised this with #ubuntu-kernel team on irc /
one-to-one conversions as well. I think the rough consensus was that
we should follow suite and also drop reiserfs support from both our
kernel configuration and installer.
Not sure if the kernel configuration should be kept in-tact because of
hardware enablement stack backports, I would hope that it wouldn't be
Ditto other kernel modules that were dropped from the debian kernel
config at the same time as reiserfs.

I agree that reiserfs support should simply be dropped, and ideally
should have been done earlier in the cycle when the same change was
done in debian.



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