Monday, 7 October 2013

Re: Update ibus to 1.5 in saucy?

Le 25/08/2013 14:35, AWASHIRO Ikuya a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've tested on the latest saucy and found several issues.
> PPA is here:


Sorry that this email didn't get any reply during that time, I just
noticed it again after your recent post about the other issue.
> 1. IBus
> * ibus-541492-xkb.patch provides "--enable-libgnomekbd" option, but it
> doesn't enable in debian/rules.
> * make check is always fail, so it should be fix.

Is that still an issue? Is there a bug open about it? Why do we need to
use libgnomekbd?
> 2. IBus-Anthy
> * ibus-anthy 1.5.3-1 doesn't work. But it already fix by Mitsuya.
> This issue originally fixed by me.
Seems like that one got resolved, right?
> 3. Mozc
> * Mozc 1.6.1187.102 is too old for IBus 1.5. So upsteam author fixes two issues.
> And Mozc has several tools like config dialog, dictionary tool and so on.
> But indicator-keyboard cannot start these tools. Of course gnome-shell can do.
> Any idea?
Is that still an issue as well? Could you open a bug report describing
the problem and added you patch, then subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug?

Sebastien Bacher

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