Monday, 28 October 2013

Ubuntu cloud image '-root.tar.gz' content changes

Hi all,

As we look forward to the 14.04 deliverable of cloud images, we're wanting
to reduce legacy formats and streamline those that we have.

If you're a consumer of the '-root.tar.gz' file then read on.
The change suggested here will *only* affect the -root.tar.gz file.

We make several formats of images available on
The one relevant to this mail is the '-root.tar.gz'. This is essentially
a 'tar -cSpzf - /' of the contents of /.

The changes we've just made to trusty are to remove the kernel and
bootloader packages before creating the tarfile. Essentially doing a
'apt-get --purge remove "linux-*" "grub-*"' before packaging.

The reasoning for this is
a.) the images will then be more similar to the ubuntu core tar files at
b.) the images are primarily used for lxc, where a kernel and bootloader
are not necessary or used.
c.) there is a ~25M reduction in the size of the tarball, and a 100M+
reduction in the size of the extracted root.

I'm interested in hearing feedback from anyone using these images that
would be [negatively] affected by the proposed change.


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