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Re: Policy: filing bugs against Ubuntu packages instead of upstream projects

Forgive me for my comments, but let me backtrack a little on the email
chain a little and make a comment here...

I see that Ursula said there's a policy to get teams added to the
bugsquad team if they're upstream teams. That's not exactly correct,
you probably meant "bugcontrol" based on the sentence previous to

Let me make a distinction here, ignoring the fact that bugsquad is
being merged into QA: As the permissions layout currently stands for
Ubuntu bugs, Bug Squad (identified as "bugsquad" by your messages) has
no additional permissions beyond a standard user who is not directly
or indirectly a member of Bug Control. Bug Control (i.e.
"bugcontrol") has the additional permissions. Bug Squad is a group of
people who are volunteer triagers, and they try and get bugs to
"Triaged" state, but they actually ask Bug Control members to set
Triaged and the importance.

The distinction you need to make there, Michal and Ursula, is that
"bugsquad" is NOT "bugcontrol", as they are separate entities, and
that you would need "bugcontrol" access to set "triaged" or an
importance. I apologize if it seems that I'm nitpicking your
terminology, however the distinction between the two groups as
mentioned in your emails needs to be made, and I don't want to confuse
the two teams when you discuss them.


As for the issue where you can't set "Triaged" or an importance on
ubuntu package bugs... I may not be "involved" on the Ubuntu Phone
project, but I am a member of Bug Control, and a member of Bug Squad.
One of the things I try and do is to help set "Triaged" and a bug's
importance where needed for anyone who needs that help (and where they
can justify the change in status and importance). If you would like
me to assist you, at least in the interim until there is some other
solution, I can try and help by setting "Triaged" where necessary for
the bugs, so long as they are: (1) against a package in the
Repositories (i.e. "unity8 (ubuntu)" or similar as shown on
Launchpad), and (2) not already set as "In Progress" with someone
assigned to the bug (which indicates that person is already working on
fixing the bug, according to typical bug triage guidelines and

I tend to lurk #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-quality on IRC (and most
recently, #ubuntu-touch but that's usually hiding under the many other
channels i'm joined to) if you need to reach me (nickserv account is
"teward", my current username is "TheLordOfTime" though), but email
works too. At least, until, you solve the issue of one or a handful
of people working on the project getting the access to do so.

(As well, other bugcontrollers are in #ubuntu-bugs and are willing to
set statuses and importance where needed, under the same condition
that you should be able to support the change in status an importance.
If you ask in #ubuntu-bugs and probably a few other channels, someone
will probably eventually help you set "Triaged" and the bug's

LP: ~teward

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On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 4:11 AM, Michał Sawicz
<> wrote:
> On 27.11.2013 19:06, Ursula Junque wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 7:33 AM, Michał Sawicz
>> < <>> wrote:
>> I just tried to file a bug against Ubuntu (unity8)¹, unfortunately I
>> can't set the status to 'Triaged', or decide the importance. So,
>> well... I can't triage Ubuntu (unity8) bugs.
>> According to ogra this can be solved by adding your team to the
>> bugcontrol team. There's a policy in place that allows teams to be added
>> to the bugsquad one, if they're upstreams. Ogra, please enlighten us. :)
> Right, I'm just not really comfortable with using a bucket approach, where
> suddenly all of us are bugsquad members. Thought membership in that team had
> some purpose, which it would, more or less, lose this way.
>> AFAICT, we also don't get notified about new Ubuntu (unity8) bugs,
>> even though I added a subscription for my team².
>> I'm the only person subscribed to the ~touch-packages team and I get ALL
>> EMAILS (it's a lot!). Maybe check the unity8 team email's settings to
>> see if you are set to receive emails or if that's disabled for you
>> (AFAIK being subscribed != receiving emails).
> I even successfully sent (and received) a test e-mail via "contact this
> team". Not sure what else I can try, but we're definitely subscribed to
> open/close emails, but we're not getting them :/
>> I believe that being added to the bugsquad team will only give you
>> permissions to triage Ubuntu bugs. Not sure if that's a problem for our
>> upstreams, is it?
> Sure, that's still an approach I'm not entirely happy with, but hey - if
> whoever manages bugsquad says it's ok to throw everyone in there - not my
> call.
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