Friday, 29 November 2013

Re: Policy: filing bugs against Ubuntu packages instead of upstream projects

On 27.11.2013 19:06, Ursula Junque wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 7:33 AM, Michał Sawicz
> < <>> wrote:

> I just tried to file a bug against Ubuntu (unity8)¹, unfortunately I
> can't set the status to 'Triaged', or decide the importance. So,
> well... I can't triage Ubuntu (unity8) bugs.
> According to ogra this can be solved by adding your team to the
> bugcontrol team. There's a policy in place that allows teams to be added
> to the bugsquad one, if they're upstreams. Ogra, please enlighten us. :)

Right, I'm just not really comfortable with using a bucket approach,
where suddenly all of us are bugsquad members. Thought membership in
that team had some purpose, which it would, more or less, lose this way.

> AFAICT, we also don't get notified about new Ubuntu (unity8) bugs,
> even though I added a subscription for my team².
> I'm the only person subscribed to the ~touch-packages team and I get ALL
> EMAILS (it's a lot!). Maybe check the unity8 team email's settings to
> see if you are set to receive emails or if that's disabled for you
> (AFAIK being subscribed != receiving emails).

I even successfully sent (and received) a test e-mail via "contact this
team". Not sure what else I can try, but we're definitely subscribed to
open/close emails, but we're not getting them :/

> I believe that being added to the bugsquad team will only give you
> permissions to triage Ubuntu bugs. Not sure if that's a problem for our
> upstreams, is it?

Sure, that's still an approach I'm not entirely happy with, but hey - if
whoever manages bugsquad says it's ok to throw everyone in there - not
my call.

Michał (Saviq) Sawicz <>
Canonical Services Ltd.

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