Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Policy: filing bugs against Ubuntu packages instead of upstream projects

On Nov 26, 2013, at 08:56 PM, Thomi Richards wrote:

>I also believe that the correct place for almost all bugs to be filed is
>against the upstream projects itself (at least, for the core
>Canonical/Ubuntu projects - I assume we're having this conversation in the
>context of canonical-sponsored Ubuntu Touch projects).
>I suspect one of the issues is that it's easy to miss bugs filed against
>the Ubuntu package only. Is there an easy tweak we can make to launchpad so
>these bugs are more visible? Or perhaps there's already a way, but I just
>don't know about it?

w.r.t. system-image, I agree with this. Because I've been so concentrated on
the upstream project, I have a good workflow for dealing with issues there.
In the past, I've missed bugs that were *only* filed against the Ubuntu
project. Now, I at least try to visit the Ubuntu project and add upstream bug
tasks for relevant issues, so they get tracked in both places.

(Ultimately, it's too bad Launchpad doesn't allow projects to opt into some
kind of automatic promotion of bugs from Ubuntu to upstream.)


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