Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ubuntu Platform developers BOF session?

Hi all,

With the next vUDS approaching quickly, I wanted to check in and gauge
interest in an Ubuntu Platform developers BOF session. I envision a
general health check sort of session, but of course if there is
sufficient interest in any particular topic we could have specific
sessions. There are a few topics that I personally would bring up in
such a session:

* Sponsoring
- We generally keep the queue below 100 items, but it is rare that
it drops below 25. Are we satisfied with this performance? Are there
process or tooling improvements that we can make? Feedback from

* Packaging Guide
- Since the last time there was an UDS session on the Packaging
Guide, we completed the transition to the sphinx-based guide from the
wiki-based guide. It would be good to get feedback now that this has
been in place for a few cycles.

* Developer recruitment, training, etc...
- We saw a decrease in both total contributors and new contributors
in the saucy cycle. Should we be concerned? What can we do to improve?

- bzr-builddeb hasn't seen any real development in some time. I've
become the Debian maintainer recently, but I've only done some spring
cleaning of the packaging, added autopkgtests, and fixed some test
failures. I wonder if would make sense for ~ubuntu-dev should become
the project owner?

I'm sure there are many other possible topics. Feel free to collect
them in this thread.

So what do you say, would this sort of session be worthwhile?


-- Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

Ubuntu Developer <>
Debian Developer <>

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