Friday, 13 December 2013

Cross-compile with CMake from SDK Apps to Unity8/Mir

As of latest cmake upload into trusty, it is now trivial to
cross-compile CMake based projects:

One time setup:
$ mk-sbuild --target armhf trusty

Building a package:
$ sbuild -A -d trusty --host armhf package*.dsc

This succeeds for a wide variety of packages:
* mir
* unity8
* ubuntu-system-settings
* ubuntu-settings-components
* unity-notifications
* unity-scope-onlinemusic
* uhub
* uchardet
* and many more...

Since this is built into CMake, one can use cmake direct:
dpkg-architecture -aarmhf cmake ../; make

(given appropriate build-dependencies installed)

With chroots managed by click: one can simply use "cmake ../; make" direct.

This together with a working emulator completes native developer
foundations story: cross-compile + test click in the emulator.

ps. if you are not using CMake, you should be switching to CMake =)



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