Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OAuth Client Ids in packages?


as LibreOffice (or rather libCMIS) grew itself the option to connect directly
to GDrive in 4.2:

I wonder how that would need to be handled in packaging in the end: Access to
the Google API requires a OAuth Client Id/Secret pair for the binary to be
backed in. Obviously, the specific pair used cant be public otherwise it likely
will be abused (and revoked).

So can we build this feature in main at all?

Do we have other applications facing this issue (e.g. for interacting with
Facebook or Twitter) in main? How are they handling the issue?

Since this feature is still in early development, I dont consider it a hard
requirement for this release. But being blissfully ignorant in this area so
far, I appreciate any hint on how to solve this (if it is solvable at all).



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