Friday, 20 December 2013

Re: Ubuntu 13.10 should be upgraded to LTS status

On 18 December 2013 21:56, Colin Law <> wrote:
> For old machines it may well be that Lubuntu would be a better option.

For the handful of machines I have migrated from XP, Lubuntu 12.04 is
the route I have taken (specifically LXLE as Lubuntu 12.04 isn't LTS).
But the email that started this conversation followed a long thread on
a LUG mailing list where I solicited advice as to the best route to
take and it became clear that there didn't really seem to be a "good"

When 14.04 lands I'll burn it to disk and see how well the machines
run on it before embarking on an upgrade, but at least with the LTS
release there's no rush.

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