Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Re: Ubuntu 13.10 should be upgraded to LTS status

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13.10 makes an excellent test harness for folks evaluating Ubuntu as an
alternative to XP; the availability of 14.04 in April means that fresh
LTS installs can take place upon the effective expiration of XP
maintenance. My recommendation to business users considering the move
from XP to Ubuntu would be:

* evaluate 13.10 for usability and performance on your hardware
* evaluate 14.04 beta to refine your perspective
* if Ubuntu meets your needs, move to large-scale installation two
weeks after the 14.04 LTS release

The 14.04.1 point release will contain only roll-ups of fixes that will
be delivered directly to 14.04 LTS users in any event, so there is not
much value in waiting for that if the 14.04 LTS installation process and
desktop work well on your hardware. Our focus for 14.04 LTS is
stability, performance and key items like high-DPI support for modern