Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Re: Ubuntu 13.10 should be upgraded to LTS status

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On 18/12/13 07:08, Mark Rogers wrote:
> On 18 December 2013 10:33, Oliver Grawert <
> <>> wrote:
> what scott said is absolutely right, XP users should just use
> 13.10 and
> upgrade to 14.04 once it is out.
> So there's a definite preference for 13.10 -> 14.04 rather than 12.04
> -> 14.04? That's something that needs spelling out.

As stated on <>, users desiring
stability and long-term support should choose the current LTS. They will
be offered an opportunity to upgrade to 14.04.1, the first point release
of the upcoming LTS. Users desiring the latest software in Ubuntu should
choose 13.10, which will be supported for 3 months past the release of
14.04. Users will be offered an option to upgrade to 14.04 when it is

> Doing an in-place upgrade to 14.04 that massively breaks things and
> leaves an ex-XP user facing a command prompt will set public
> perception back by years.

Of course. This has always been true regardless.

> To that end I've tended to favour 12.04 -> 14.04 as 12.04 is more
> likely to run on older hardware (as it is itself older), and there's a
> much bigger time window in which to migrate to 14.04.

Do note that the default download of 12.04 from the Ubuntu site will
result in a running system with the kernel in 13.10, see
<>. That said, if
there's hardware that is broken by later releases, a bug should be
filed, and it should be fixed.

> What is lacking here is a clear migration plan for XP users to follow,
> and I think that is a missed opportunity. Whether or not 13.10 LTS (or
> 13.10 "LTS-Lite") is an appropriate part of that migration plan is
> probably to miss the main point.

If you were to write up such a document I'm sure it would be appreciated.

-- Luke