Friday, 24 January 2014

Ran autopkgtests with python3.4 as default

Hello all,

Matthias asked me to run all our available autopkgtests with python3.4
as default Python 3 (using the PPA [1]), to see the fallout. These
should be fixed before we consider making 3.4 the default Python3
version. The full raw logs are at [2], sorted into pass/ and fail/.

I went through the failures and converted them to LP bugs, so that
they can be tracked/assigned/etc:

Please note that some autopkgtests fail due to other reasons (many of
them have never succeeded at all). Also, this is only the list of 3.3
→ 3.4 regressions that we can detect automatically; of course we have
a lot more Python packages and code in the archive which isn't covered
by autopkgtest.


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