Saturday, 4 January 2014

Re: Include samba and libpam-smbpass by default in Ubuntu

On 27 December 2013 00:59,
<> wrote:
> As suggested by a triager of a bug I reported on this issue, I'm bringing
> this idea for discussion on this list. If this is the wrong place, feel free
> to point me to the right one.
> When one tries to share a folder in the network via Nautilus for the
> first time, a dialog asks for installation of two packages and then a
> session restart is required. This used to make sense when we had only
> the space in a CD, but now that Ubuntu doesn't fit in a CD anymore, it
> makes sense to include these packages by default, so that no extra steps
> or reboots are required to complete this task. Besides, this would
> resolve a bug in Ubuntu 13.10 which prevents the installation of libpam-
> smbpass via the GUI offered by Nautilus.

This is a good enough mailing list, but I guess hollidays are also
affecting the response here. I haven't been in Ubuntu long enough to
know if we used to ever have samba in the default install or not. I
think we'd still want to fix the bug of installation, as users may not
have it installed (e.g. if removed, or upgrading from previous
versions of ubuntu under some conditions). And forwarding this email
to a wider ubuntu-devel mailing list.

In very busy networks, e.g. public wifi cafe, I think it will be
undesirable to have samba installed and enabled out of the box, since
it would be easy to leak / share things beyond what one intended to do
"share on my home wifi, not cafe wifi" or otherwise performance

Also the "unlimited" cd size for desktop, is actually not entirely
true once again. We are indeed >>700MB iso, as the media factor was no
longer a relevant constraint. On the other hand we are still limitted
on what ends up in the default installs due to ubuntu-touch and
convergence. There are often hard limits, at times not that different
from an iso size e.g. 900MB, as to what can be flashed on the devices
and we have started to aim for ~200-300MB highly compressed base
system tarballs, or use incremental system-image updates for ubuntu on
touch devices.

Do we or do we not want samba in the default install?



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