Thursday, 16 January 2014

Re: Stopping the line to get back to a promotable state, help needed!

Le 16/01/2014 11:14, Didier Roche a écrit :
> We didn't cross fingers enough apparently. Another regression was spot
> just in time by Alan
> ( while doing
> dogfooding.
> For now, we only know it was working on image #121 and the bug is in
> latest image (#131). We 3 furiously bisecting image by image before
> finding the guilty component, helping for a quick resolution.
> Please continue following the same rules that was asked to ensure that
> image #132 can be safely promoted. We still hold the landing asks at
> the same time.
> Thanks everyone for your cooperation.

So, we spot that the issue was in the image #128 and found that the
unity-mir change is responsible for that bug. Reverting it makes the bug
We are now evaluating, as the change is part of a set of 3 components
change (unity-mir, platform-api and qtubuntu) and can regress the tablet
experience compared to latest promoted image if half-reverted.

We are trying to catch up upstream (which is in meetings), if we can't
find any solution quickly, we'll go with a global revert.

Will continue giving you informations.

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