Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Stopping the line to get back to a promotable state, help needed!

Hey guys,    As you can see on the landing team emails, we are getting a though time this week to be able to promote an image. We have been struck by a few independent regressions that plague us for a days already with new regressions coming in while we investigate them. The remaining ones that we are seeing are reliable regressions on messaging-app (from image 126 on maguro) and rssreader (from image 122 on all devices).  Remember that last promoted image is 121.    However, none of those components had a new release, so it means something else regressed them. We are working hard bi-secting changes etc. to get those identified and fixed ASAP. This work is even more difficult considering the number of recent direct uploads we are going through in the archive.    Based on those facts:  * since yesterday mid-day, we stopped doing any new release for requests in the landing spreadsheet  * it will be really helpful to keep the amount of direct uploads to a minimum on components that are on the touch image.    This will help getting the noise down and will enable us to promote a new image sooner.    Any other help in term of debugging will be really appreciated so that we can unblock the situation (please ping us on :#ubuntu-ci-eng on freenode)    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,  Didier