Thursday, 13 February 2014

Patch pilot report 2014-02-13

My first Patch Pilot report! I read docs and thought about how I'll approach it.

* metacity alt-grave fix. Commented, built,
tested and did a packaging merge proposal out of the debdiff. Uploaded
by didrocks, thanks!
* xubuntu-docs 14.04.0 release. Checked with
#xubuntu-devel that yes they'd like sponsoring support. Tested, made a
packaging merge proposal and also proposed a small pedantic change to
trunk. Uploaded by dholbach, thanks!
* atk1.0 Prepared and tweaked a branch from the
debdiff for an upload and built in a PPA, but I ran out of time for
giving it testing.

During my turn I also noticed I'm not alone with mitya57 handling evas
sync, cjwatson telepathy-logger sync and rbasak uploading nginx saucy
fix. Nice! Thanks to them too.


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