Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Re: Analysis of current ppc64el test failures

Hello again,

Martin Pitt [2014-02-26 13:01 +0100]:
> Tests that fail due to missing test/binary dependencies
> -------------------------------------------------------
> It could of course be that after adding them they fail for different reasons.
> deja-dup

Fixed in packaging VCS, but then tests fail, so not uploaded.

> lapack
> open-iscsi
> postgresql-pgmp
> pycparser
> pygments
> python-boto: looks like missing binary depends to p-requests?
> python-leveldb
> spamassassin

All fixed in trusty(-proposed), patches sent to Debian.

> varnish: package doesn't even install, looks like it's missing deps

That one fixed itself in the last two days, perhaps the new eglibc?

James Hunt kindly took sbuild, pbuilder, upstart, and libnih.

In case folks want to coordinate better, I now put my original mail
into an etherpad and updated it with the fixes. If you want to look at
fixing a test, please consider adding your name next to it and mark it
as fixed once it succeeds.


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