Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Re: On-demand starting/stopping of cups [was: [Blueprint client-1305-printing-stack-with-mobile-in-mind] Printing Stack with Mobile in Mind]

On Feb 4, 2014 9:12 PM, "Oliver Grawert" <ogra@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> so does "every week" mean once a week ? for that 10 mins you surely dont
> need to run the daemon for 7 days ... (even if you in summary spend 1h
> printing per week i would doubt it is worth running the daemon all the
> time)

I meant "at least once a week".

> i think it taking 30sec longer before it starts printing because the
> daemon startup takes that long is an acceptable thing unless the machine
> we talk about is a print server in an office where it should constantly
> run.


Dmitry Shachnev