Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Re: On-demand starting/stopping of cups [was: [Blueprint client-1305-printing-stack-with-mobile-in-mind] Printing Stack with Mobile in Mind]

On 4 February 2014 12:21, Oliver Grawert <ogra@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> i personally just don't get why we cant make cups stop even on the
> desktop unless the machine is an actual printserver, the additional
> startup time will be minor on a modern desktop/laptop PC. i doubt people
> would even notice that their print job takes a few seconds longer than
> it would with a permanently running daemon.

I would. I use my Ubuntu laptop at home, work, and school. I need to
print in all three of those contexts, the latter two more often than the
first. Unless the startup time is on the order of 5 seconds on
reasonable hardware, and the user is made aware of what is going on,
there is going to be a degradation of user experience.

If CUPS doesn't even start until a half-minute after I thought I hit
"print" (before which I didn't have a print icon in my notification
area), I'm going to think something's broken with my system. If after
that, CUPS tries for a minute or so and determines eventually my printer
is not connected, I'm now so far away from the document I was originally
working on that I'm entirely lost.

On my laptop right now, CUPS appears to be taking up a whopping 3.5MiB,
and has been active for a total of 45 seconds of CPU time in the last
three days. I'm not really clear on why this is an amount worth losing
sleep over.

-- Luke