Monday, 24 February 2014

Re: Seeding IM engines

Le 24/02/2014 16:26, Gunnar Hjalmarsson a écrit :
> Your input on which route we should take here would be appreciated.

Hey Gunnar, thanks for looking at that question.

It's always a bit tricky to decide if new additions on the image are
worth the extra space they take (things were easier when we had the CD
limitations in that regard).

I've no real opinion on IM engines but I can do some comments/questions

- the image size already drifted since the previous LTS and the
suggested changes are a non-trivial addition, I would prefer seeing the
numbers going down than up between now and the release

- "ibus-sunpinyin, pulls: libglade2-0 libsunpinyin3 python-glade2

libglade has been deprecated for years, we don't want it back on the CD,
the fact that this code still uses it suggest that their is maintenance
work needed on that component

- do we have some datas/user feedback on how frequent it is, for our
users, to need to input in a language they didn't install support for?
To me it looks like than requiring the install e.g the "language support
for Japanese" to able to input japanese's text is not unreasonable

Sebastien Bacher

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