Friday, 21 March 2014

image 250 and TRAINCON level going forward

Hi all,

as more data become available, we re-revisited the current management
override of QA's earlier decision to not block our promotion for the
issue at hand and how we could resume landings.

For those that haven't followed this case, the blocker bug this is:
- upstream:
- distro:

.... and the original announce mail of TRAINCON-0 can be found here:

Option ONE discussed was to block promotion, and go back to restricted
landing approach (TRAINCON-1). Option TWO was to whitelist the
regression for one promotion to ensure we can go to TRAINCON-2, our
most liberal alert state (ogra's variant).

For ONE it was argued that we shouldn't set precedence on allowing
regressions go out to users; for TWO it was argued that not promoting
imposes unnecessary slow and risk of further promotion delay for
engineering if we continue landing without it.

After revisiting the data available, and discussing with all the
stakeholders, the consensus is that the QT bug is now well enough on
track that we should remove the management override we had put on the
previous QA sign off that categorized this issue as non-blocker,
especially in light of the impact that delaying promotion for an
unknown period of time will have on other development. With that,
given that image #250 meets all our other promotion criteria, we have
given the Landing and QA team the directive to continue business as
usual which most likely will lead to promotion of #250 and minimal
alert level (TRAINCON-2) allowing more or less free landings.

The consensus seems also to be that the issue will not be
deprioritized and should stay a blocker for future promotions. So, we
will work under that assumption until we have more details about the
bug, and that we will provide testing to ensure that such issues are
caught earlier in the future.

Thanks for all that spoke to us and worked long hours to get this bug
in a shape that we feel confident to do that. Now, let's promote and
celebrate over the weekend the probably best image we ever had!

With that, happy freeze hacking to you all!

- Alexander

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